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Learn about wine
Get the confidence you need to navigate the world of wine

Fast Travel

It is traveling as quickly as possible to a destination, seeing and trying the essentials,
at a much lower cost in time, money and environmental impact.

Traveling is Learning

You will know the Origin: The history of the valley, the producers and the wine, through a guided tour by a winemaker and a sommelier, in Virtual Reality.

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The Virtual Reality Headset comes in the box, works with your Smartphone, and you can use it in every lesson.


Each valley brings a different tour, along with the necessary wines for you to train your palate and check the knowledge acquired. You can subscribe monthly or buy separately

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Study each valley in the country and certify yourself as a "Wine & Travel Expert" in our community. You can do it individually with each valley or subscribe to one of our plans.

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Learn by valley

Welcome to Chile, one of the main wine producing countries of the new world.

Explore: Maipo, Casablanca and Colchagua

Coming soon: Huasco, Elqui, Limarí, Maule, Itata

Winederlust Academy, our community

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