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Our team stands out for being multidisciplinary, innovative and creative, with a strong interest in generating impact and challenging the limits of today's world, which is summarized in the essence of the Winederlust Model: Immersive, Interactive and Impactful Experiences.


We are Giorgio Vecchiola, Sommelier, Commercial Engineer, Master in UAI Service Management and Gastronomic Administration from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.

Nicolas Nazar, Agronomist Engineer, with vast experience in vineyards in Australia, Europe and Latin America, producing great wines of international renown.

And Gabriel Buguñá, Commercial Engineer Master in Strategic Management UAI and International Marketing in Hult Boston, London and San Francisco, with experience in technology companies both in Chile and in the United States.


Together, we tried to teleport wine and travel lovers to all the wine valleys of the world, through experience boxes and virtual reality. Our objetive? Teleport you to the best vineyard tourism experiences in the world. We do it through experience boxes, all included, where you can experience the tour through virtual reality, you can try the best pairing selected especially for Winederlust, and you can generate impact since all the products of the experience are from local producers. Come join the Winederlust experience!

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